A Red Carpet Affair

Red carpet party.

Award show season is upon us and with the 2012 Golden Globe results in, it’s time to start gearing up for the 2012 Academy Awards!  Just because you aren’t an A-list celebrity doesn’t mean you can’t bring the glitz and glam of Hollywood to your home for The Oscars on February 26th, 2012.

Oscar Party Ideas:

  • Invite guests to wear formal gowns and tuxedosRoll out the red carpet leading up to your house (for an inexpensive red carpet, buy a roll of red plastic table cloth material and duct tape it to the ground).  For added entertainment, pull out the video camera and ask guests what they are wearing as they enter the party.
  • Get a game of Oscar Party Trivia going during the commercials.  See who has the most knowledge of past Oscar winners and Academy Award history.
  • Depending on the size of your party, make sure to have enough TVs in multiple rooms of your house so that people can spread out to enjoy the show, rather than crowd around a single TV.
  • Decorate your home with old movie posters and cardboard cutouts of classic characters.  To add to the Hollywood glam, hang up white Italian lights, and light candles.
  • Before the show starts, have your favorite movie soundtrack (or perhaps a soundtrack that is nominated for Best Soundtrack at the Academy Awards) playing throughout the house.

Oscar Party Menu:

To keep with the theme of the night: Hollywood Glam, you have a couple different options in terms of creating a party menu and specialty cocktails.

  1. Create a party menu complete with fancy appetizers and small bites. This will allow guests the freedom to eat as much or as little as they want throughout the entire show.  Plus, with limited table room, it’s easy for guests to stand and eat.
  2. Go the potluck route.  Have each guest bring his or her favorite delicacy dish.  Have a buffet table set up with nice disposable plates, napkins and silverware, to ensure an easy cleanup.
  3. Have an open bar, with the options for guest to mix their own classic beverages.  Don’t forget the bubbly champagne either!
  4. Create a few specialty cocktails for your Oscar Party.  For inspiration, check out this list of celebrity inspired cocktails. For those not drinking, make sure to provide at least one non-alcoholic cocktail at your event.

Oscar Party Pool:

Organizing an Oscar pool is easy!  Visit the official Academy Award website and print up lists of all the Oscar categories and Oscar nominees.

While your party guests are arriving and watching the red carpet interviews, have everyone check off who they think will win the Oscar in each category.

Additionally, each guest participating in the Oscar Pool should put a small amount of money into the pool jar (we suggest $5).  After The Academy Awards are over, whoever winds up with the most correct predictions wins the jar of money!

For more Oscar worthy recipes, Oscar Party Ideas or to print out free Oscar Pool Ballots and free Oscar Bingo Boards, visit the official Academy Awards Oscar Party Kit webpage.

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