A Roaring 20’s Cocktail Party

Roaring 20's cocktail party image.

Want to throw a flapper party straight out of the Roaring 20’s?

We’ve got the guide to the perfect Roaring 20’s decorations, entertainment, foods, drinks and more.

Roaring 20’s Decorations

  • It wouldn’t be a Roaring 20’s Cocktail Party without a few key decorations—think pinstripe suits, fedoras, cigars, short dresses, feathers, old cars, classy drinks, vintage guns and big brass music.  Here are a few decoration ideas:
  • Decorate with a Roaring 20’s color scheme—go bold!  Black must be involved, but pair it with red, purple, yellow or white
  • Feathers, feathers everywhere—use them in centerpieces, and drape them around lampshades and intersperse them between food items on tables
  • Black and colored balloons tied in bunches around the room
  • Silhouette pictures of gangsters, mobsters and flapper girls to hang on the walls
  • Pictures of big brass instruments like trumpets, tubas and saxophones to hang on the walls
  • Confetti and rose petals in the colors of the Roaring 20’s Cocktail Party color scheme to scatter on tables and hard surfaces
  • A bar—have a party bar in the corner with the favorites of the era like rum, gin and vodka, and plenty of mixers like tonic, vermouth, seltzer and club soda

Entertain Your Guests

Keep your Roaring 20’s party going with plenty of fun games and activities.  Your guests will love participating in any of these:

  • Best 20’s Costume—have your guests dress up in their best Roaring 20’s gear: women in flapper girl dresses, feather boas, feather head bands and lots of big beads and jewelry; men in their best mobster and gangster pinstripe suits and fedoras.  Give a prize to the best-dressed Roaring 20’s guests.
  • Pin the Feather on the Flapper Girl, or Pin the Cigar on the Mobster
  • Academy Award Predictions—have your guests fill out their picks for the 2013 Oscars when they first walk in.  The one with the most correct Oscar predictions at the end of the night wins.
  • 20’s Dance-off—engage your guests by having them show off their best big band-flavored dance moves (solo or in pairs).

Food and Drinks for the Party

Every good party needs a fabulous menu, and your Roaring 20’s Cocktail Party is no exception! Serve any of these items:

  • Cocktail foods—cocktail weenies, finger sandwiches, chicken fingers and chicken poppers, cheese and cracker trays, veggies and fruit platters
  • Tarts, mini desserts, dishes of candy and bite-sized treats
  • Cocktails!  Have everything your guests will need to make their favorite 20’s-inspired drinks, including—rum, vodka, gin and plenty of mixers like seltzer, club soda, vermouth and tonic.

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