Midsummer Party

Mark your calendars and start the summer party planning, everyone—this year, Midsummer’s Eve falls on June 21st, and Midsummer’s Day lands on June 22nd! Midsummer celebrates the summer solstice.  That’s the longest day of the year—occurring because of the precise tilt of the earth’s axis toward the sun. Midsummer celebrations date back to ancient times […]

Prepping for a Party

The strenuous holiday party season has long been over, and you’re finally ready to bust out the platters and party favors again.  But there’s one problem:  your house.  It’s practically screaming, “No more parties!”  If keeping your house clean is one of your New Year’s resolutions, don’t worry, you won’t have to break it for […]

Midnight Madness

October is perhaps one of your last shots to have bundle-free weather at your outdoor party, so we say take full advantage! It is also the time of year when people celebrate some of the more scary stories, characters and costumes, which could be why we’re suggesting a midnight madness party this month. This October […]

Item Swapping Party

Earth Day is coming up quick, which means this is the perfect time to start setting up an eco-friendly event that will get your family and friends in the sustainability spirit. With spring on the way (and spring cleaning on everyone’s minds), why not host an Earth Day Swap to help reduce the clutter in […]

Brunch Party

Brunch: noun.  Definition: a meal usually taken late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch. The first known use of the word brunch occurred in 1896, and many people today still enjoy hosting brunch gatherings on weekends. If you’re a brunch fanatic, we’ve got the perfect way to make your […]

Beach “Staycation” Weekend

Can’t get away this winter?  Have no fear—the Tasty Resource Center is here!  And we have a plan to help you plan the best Beach “Staycation” Weekend this January. What is a “staycation,” you ask?  A staycation occurs when you vacation by staying at or near home. Beat the cold, the traffic and the added […]

8 Steps to Lemonade Stand Success

With high temperatures and intense summer humidity spread all across the US these days, everyone’s looking for a way to cool down and beat the heat. There’s nothing more American than a good old fashioned lemonade stand, and we’ve got the tricks of the trade to make yours one that the whole neighborhood will enjoy. […]

Midnight Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

Have you ever participated in Midnight Margaritas? It’s exactly what it sounds like… when the clock strikes 12:00, it’s time to stop whatever it was you were doing (sleep included) and start the blenders. They’re a commitment, Midnight Margaritas; a commitment that many people feel they need a reason to participate in. Perhaps combining the […]

Bowling Birthday Party

Now that summer is over and fall temperatures are starting to roll in, it’s time to put away the patio furniture and beach gear and think of some great indoor party ideas. If you’re looking for something fun, festive and enjoyable for people of all ages, what’s more fun, festive and enjoyable than a bowling […]

Grocery Shopping Guide

Grocery shopping isn’t a new concept—it’s actually one that’s been around for longer than any of us can remember.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s an unchanging one.  There are tons of purchasing innovations in the “grocery shopping” world, today, and we’ve got the guide to navigating the best deals, how to buy local, and […]