Beach “Staycation” Weekend

Beach staycation weekend

Can’t get away this winter?  Have no fear—the Tasty Resource Center is here!  And we have a plan to help you plan the best Beach “Staycation” Weekend this January.

What is a “staycation,” you ask?  A staycation occurs when you vacation by staying at or near home. Beat the cold, the traffic and the added expense of traveling and have the perfect staycation at home.  Here is your guide to a great staycation this winter.

Stock Up on the Much Needed Goods

Pretend you’re about to pack to escape the cold and spend a weekend at the beach.  What exactly would you want to have with you?  Whatever you would pack for your beach vacation, you’re going to need those things for your staycation weekend, too.

A few necessary beach items you might consider gathering:

  • Beach chairs and beach towels for laying and relaxing
  • Books and magazines for some leisurely reading time
  • Beach-themed decorations like palm tree cutouts, inflatable palm trees and beach balls, beach animal cutouts, etc.
  • Cocoa butter lotion—for that tropical scent without wasting your sunscreen stash!
  • Beach toys to set the mood
  • Beach-themed movies or adventure movies—something to help your mind escape the cold even if your body (or your wallet) can’t!
  • Beach-themed edible treats like fresh fruit, seafood, burgers and more
  • All of the fixings to make tropical drinks
  • Good beach music—you know, tropical things like the Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett and Hawaiian instrumental music
  • A CD of beach sounds—nothing like crashing waves and seagulls to keep you in the beach staycation mood!

How to Set Up the Beach Staycation Weekend

1) Clear a large space in your living room.  Push all of the furniture aside and make room for the beach festivities.

2) Lay out your beach towels and beach chairs, decorate the walls with beach-themed cutouts, inflate those inflatable beach-themed decorations, scatter beach toys around the room and get your books, magazines and movies ready for reading and relaxation.

3) Set up a table full of beach-themed edible treats, and make sure you have your blender on hand and plenty of ice for those tropical drinks.  Make up some mixed tropical drinks and beach-themed snacks to get the beach staycation weekend off to a festive start.

4) Break out the swim suits, shorts, t-shirts, hula skirts and tropical dresses, and crank up the thermostat.  It’s time to celebrate and enjoy the weekend, beach-style!

Other Beach Staycation Necessities

Don’t forget to plan some entertainment for your beach staycation—after all, if you were on a vacation in the Caribbean, you would expect to be entertained by more than the lapping of the waves (not that you always need more than that).  Try some of these fun ideas to keep the beach spirit going strong all weekend long.

  • Beach-themed games—limbo, hula contests, pin-the-flower-on-the-hula-girl cutout, living room beach ball volleyball, tropical food and beverage taste-testing contents, and sand castle drawing competitions, to name a few.
  • Take plenty of beach staycation pictures
    • The participants in their best beach wear
    • “Beach-goers” in their best hula poses
    • The beach-themed decorations and beach-themed edible treats spreads
    • “Beach-goers” laying on their beach towels or sitting on their beach chairs, reading, watching beach-themed movies, sipping on tropical drinks
    • Treat your staycation like a regular vacation, and photograph everything you would have had you left home!


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