Black Friday

Black friday party tips.

Don’t let Black Friday scare you this year.

The way we see it, only the bravest of souls dare venture out in the cold, dark hours of the morning, risking heavy crowds and long lines, sacrificing hours of sleep on one of their few days off work each year…

Now, who would want to go through all that when they could enjoy their post-Thanksgiving food coma in the peace and comfort of their own home?

This year, we say break the mold!

Spend your Thanksgiving vacation time on the couch or at the couches of your friends and family where you belong.

So go ahead, sleep in. Make a few phone calls to invite the gang over. Grab that remote control, and let the relaxing begin!

Black Friday Party

The first thing you’ll need is a hefty plate of leftovers, which shouldn’t be a problem since once again Aunt Muriel brought three times more mashed potatoes than you needed for Thanksgiving dinner.

Chances are you will have plenty of turkey, gravy, stuffing, rolls, cranberries and pie (lots of pie) sitting in the fridge, too.

And then there are the appetizers; half-full bags of chips, more dip than you have room for, veggie trays, ranch dressing and bowls and bowls of peanuts, cashews and Chex mix. We know you’re just dying to get some room back in your cabinets and refrigerator, so today’s the day you devote entirely to turkey sandwiches and potluck side dishes. Only, this potluck doesn’t require any outside contributions.

The only thing you might need to replenish for your Black Friday relaxation day is the beverages. But if you play your cards right, this is where the whole BYOB motto could prove most useful.

By asking your guests to bring their own beverages, you save yourself a trip to the store. Thus ensuring that you will not have to step foot outside of your house.

The recipe for the perfect Black Friday doesn’t necessarily mean no shopping allowed. But remember, our main goal this day is to stay home and avoid having to deal with the stress and pressure of finding the perfect deal on those holiday presents. This is where the laptop comes in.

Online shopping is a great way to beat the crowds, find deals and steals, and still accomplish all that holiday shopping. Encourage your fellow couch potatoes to join you in your hunt for clearance items. The more eyes, laptops and searches you’ve got going, the better the results will be!

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