Midnight Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

Have you ever participated in Midnight Margaritas? It’s exactly what it sounds like… when the clock strikes 12:00, it’s time to stop whatever it was you were doing (sleep included) and start the blenders. They’re a commitment, Midnight Margaritas; a commitment that many people feel they need a reason to participate in. Perhaps combining the […]

Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwiches

August is National Smile Week, but in the 100 degree weather, even the simple act of smiling can make you sweat.  So, it’s about time we gave you something to smile – or scream – about and that’s ice cream!  But instead of your typical ice cream sundae, try something a little bit different this […]

Lovin’ the Leftovers!

With a Thanksgiving season of homemade food and family gatherings comes a fridge full of leftovers!  Sure, we’ve all seen the Friends episode with Ross’ coveted leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich, complete with a “moist-maker” layer, but there’s more to Thanksgiving leftovers than just carved turkey sandwiches! Here are our favorite leftovers recipe ideas for the […]

Serving Up Summer Dessert!

We’ve got the perfect solution to your summer savings that won’t break the bank every time you want to entertain: homemade popsicle recipes!  It’s far less-expensive to make these delicious summer snacks using your own ingredients than it is to buy them pre-made.  Plus, everything just tastes better when it’s homemade! The Popsicle brand has nothing on these recipes.  […]