“Christmas in July” Party at Home


Backyard parties are a staple of summer, and themed backyard parties are twice the fun! Have your family and friends over for a Christmas in July celebration in your home and yard, and watch this winter wonderland theme transform the heat of summer into a backyard summer party you’ll never forget.

Read on for tips on combination summer/winter decorations, festive and fun menus, and Christmas in July activities sure to make this party one to remember.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…Christmas in July

It isn’t hard to decorate for a Christmas in July party—all you’ll need is the proper combination of winter wonderland and summer fun to make this party come alive. For the short list of what you’ll need to throw an amazing event with this summer party theme, use any or all of these Christmas in July decorations:

  • A deck or patio and plenty of grass space—cleaned up and ready to go (see 5 Tips to Keep Your Yard Party-Ready)
  • Multiple strands of Christmas lights in whites and multi-colors
  • Beach balls, beach towels, beach toys, beach chairs
  • Santa hats—cut outs or purchased from a party good store
  • Strands and garlands of Hawaiian-style flowers
  • Beach-themed cutouts
  • Winter-themed cutouts
  • Snowflakes—either cutouts or plastic—and plenty of confetti
  • Loose colorful flowers or petals
  • White tablecloths
  • Colorful serving dishes

To transform your deck and yard into the perfect Christmas in July party space, set up tables along one side for food and snacks and other tables for eating and conversing. Cover all tables with white tablecloths, set with colorful dishes, and sprinkle snowflake confetti and loose flower petals around in empty spaces. Use Christmas lights to decorate trees in the yard, the ledge of the patio, the doorway leading into the house, and then toss all of your beach toys and towels around the yard for effect. Beach-themed cutouts and winter-themed cutouts should be taped up along the porch railing and the sides of the house. Make sure guests know this is a summer-style Christmas party!

Christmas in July Activities

Just because it’s winter-themed doesn’t mean the party atmosphere has to be chilly. Break out traditional summer party games and give them a wintery twist! Here are a few Christmas in July activities:

  • Pin the Lei on the Snowman—you know how it works. Get a cutout of a snowman and tape him to a flat vertical surface, and use a string of taped together paper flowers as your “to pin” item. Blindfold participant number one by tugging a Santa cap down over his or her eyes instead of the traditional method. The person that gets the flowers closest to the snowman’s neck wins!
  • Ice Cube on a Spoon Race—you’ve heard of the “Egg on a Spoon” race? Well, this one uses ice cubes. The team that keeps the slippery, melting ice cube on the spoon and runs the course first is the victor.
  • Backyard Beach Ball Volleyball—it doesn’t have to be all wintery fun at this Christmas in July party. Make sure your teams are wearing Christmas-themed items like Santa hats, snowflake-printed t-shirts, reindeer antlers or other Christmas items while they play.
  • Christmas in July Bonfire—make a roaring fire in your backyard fire pit (or a smaller one in a grill, if you don’t have a fire pit). Roast marshmallows, sip on cider and sing Christmas carols well into the night.

Backyard Summer Party Menu

Your guests will enjoy the Christmas in July party theme, and they’ll have a blast playing Christmas in July games, but what they’ll really talk about is the menu. Best of all, they’ll be absolutely thrilled when your summer party theme carries over into the dishes you serve! Items like these combine summer and Christmas perfectly:

  • Traditional Christmas ham, cooked with pineapple for a Hawaiian twist
  • Chilled eggnog
  • Fall and winter chip dips served with hint-of-lime and summer flavored tortillas
  • Veggie platter arranged like a Christmas tree—cucumbers and green peppers for the green tree part, cherry tomatoes, carrots and red peppers as ornaments…use a yellow pepper slice for the star!
  • Cheese log snowman and crackers—arrange cheese into three balls for the snowman body, use a carrot for the nose and small pieces of pretzel for the eyes and mouth. Small pretzel sticks make great arms for this guy.
  • Peppermint ice cream or sherbet for a wintery-themed dessert that will cool everyone down.

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