The Ultra-Comfy Award Show Party

Comfy girls award party ideas.


Technically, it’s the shortest month of the year. But ask anyone living in the northern hemisphere and they’ll tell you it seems like the longest.

If there is one thing about the lull of the post-holiday, pre-spring season, it’s that it is full of competition. NFL fans everywhere tune in for the big game, basketball teams fight for the chance to compete in March Madness, and movie casts and crew battle for the ultimate titles in the movie biz.

That’s right, folks, it’s award season in Hollywood, which means people everywhere will tuning in to see what the stars are wearing, who walks the red carpet, who goes home with a statue, and who goes home without one.

Although the celebs are all glitz and glamour, the beauty of not being one of them is that you can “attend” the award shows without having to spend six hours in hair and makeup in order to get ready to walk the red carpet.

That means you get to watch all the good stuff without having to waste your whole day and without having to squeeze into an uncomfortable gown or tux. Instead, you get to relax, lounge, and spend the night with friends by throwing an ultra-comfy, ultra-cozy award show party.

Pick your poison.

February allows the two biggest award shows in the music and movie businesses. First, the Grammys (Feb. 13) and then the Academy Awards (Feb. 27).

No matter which one tickles your fancy, you should be in for a night of entertainment. So, with that being said, pick which one you will host. Both are on a Sunday night, so no matter which you choose, the looming Monday workday is still something you’ll have to work around.

The next thing you’ll have to do, in true award show fashion, is create the guest list. Remember, your goal is to keep things casual, so no need to encourage guests to come with a date. In fact, the gals just might find it hard-pressed to convince the men in their lives to accompany them to this party anyway, so adding a “Girls Only” condition to the party is fair game. And in some cases, very much a welcome addition for the guys.

After you make it known that you will be hosting an award show viewing party, the next step is to make sure the guests know your intentions: comfy-cozy. Encourage (or require) your guests to arrive in your finest pair of sweatpants and mismatched sweatshirt. Slippers optional. This is your red-carpet event, so you make the dress code.

A few days before the show, do your grocery shopping. You could make it a potluck and BYOB, which would make your life a little easier, but since this gathering is most likely on the small side, splurging for the food and drinks shouldn’t break your bank. All that the Oscars and/or Grammys call for are a few snacks, cases of beer and bottles of wine.

Keeping in line with the comfy-cozy theme, snacks should take on comfort food status. That means chocolate, ice cream, chips, salsa, cookies and any other simple yet satisfying snack and dessert combinations. The same rule applies for drinks. Have a case of beer or two along with a couple bottles of wine. No need to get fancy with champagne or cocktails. You’ll be in pajamas after all.

Lastly comes seating. Because this party will revolve around your television, you’ll need plenty of space for guests to sit around it. Couches, armchairs, and folding chairs should give you ample seating, but in the case that you still don’t have enough room, put some bigger pillows around the floor so at least there’s a comfy place for everyone to sit or lounge. Keep the food on the coffee table in the center of the action. If there’s one thing that you and your guests will want nearby while you’re watching the red carpet it’s your comfort food.

Lastly, if you’re looking for something to do during the commercial breaks, bust out some Oscar Trivia or Grammy Trivia. That should keep you and your guests busy and entertained for the entire show.

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