Fall Dinner Party

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While Halloween and Thanksgiving are in the best season of the year when it comes to throwing dinner parties, you may not be able to wait for one of these holidays! Why not celebrate fall in September? Here are a few tips and tricks to help your early autumn feast become a smashing success!

Fall Dinner Party Invitations

Leaves, candles, pumpkins…they all give you that warm, fuzzy feeling of fall. Wouldn’t it be great if you could send that to someone in an envelope—one that also has the invitation and information for your dinner party? Here are two ways you can:

  1. First, print out your invitation on a notecard-sized piece of cardstock (you can use a standard card, as well). Punch a hole in the upper left-hand corner so you can tie a piece of green, brown or red ribbon through it. Tie the ribbon around the middle of a thin candlestick in another autumnal color, and there you go! You’ve got a useful, charming way to invite your guests.
  2. For this alternate style, you’ll need to print out your invitation and punch a hole in the corner, like the first one, and you’ll also need ribbon. However, instead of tying the card to a candle, tie a few leaves to the card by their stems. You might need to use artificial leaves from a craft store, as there may not be many colored leaves quite yet.

Either way, you’ve got a chance to welcome your friends and family to your fall-themed supper party in a creative, festive manner.

Fall Dinner Party Decorations

With a theme as open as “fall,” there are endless decorating possibilities. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • To serve punch (or, even more fitting, cider), cut the top off of a reasonably large pumpkin. Carve a hollow in the middle of the pumpkin, cleaning away most of the seeds and pulp, then put in a clear, glass punch bowl. Fill it with an apple cider or sweet punch, and enjoy!
  • Take several clear candle vases of different sizes and fill them each a quarter of the way full with dried split peas. Next, add a layer of dried red beans that’s the same size, and then another of corn kernels. Place a small tea candle in the middle on top of the kernels, and then set the vases in the center of your dining table. If you’d like, you can arrange some small, multicolored gourds, pumpkins and squashes around the candle vases for an added autumn look.
  • Here’s another creative way of using candles as centerpieces. You’ll need a few mason jars and some fall leaves (real or purchased from a craft store). Paste the leaves along the lower half of the outsides of the mason jars. The best way to do this would be to use strong, clear-drying glue or clear lacquer. When they’re completely dry, put small candles in the bottom of each jar. If you’d like to give them away as party favors, you can write your guests’ names on the side of each jar and use them as place cards!

Fall Dinner Party Food and Menu Items

And, finally, the center of the entire gathering: dinner. Since it’s a fall party, and the meal most commonly associated with the season is Thanksgiving, we suggest sticking to the classic Turkey Day flavors. That being said, have some fun! Be inspired! Instead of roasting a turkey, how about smoking one? Or cook up a different protein entirely! You can always stick to the classics—green beans, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls and cranberry sauce—but add a new twist. Now is the time to try a new recipe that may not have come from Grandma’s recipe cards.

It wouldn’t be a party without some delicious treats! Here are a few dessert ideas:

  • Make small, golf ball sized popcorn balls and skewer them like cake balls.
  • Bake miniature apple pies and pumpkin pies in small ramekins.
  • Make sugar cookie dough, then divide it into quarters. Die each fourth a different color using food coloring: red, orange, brown and green. Break each batch into smaller pieces, then roll all four colors of dough onto one piece of wax paper. Using a leaf-shaped cookie cutter, cut the dough. Now you’ve got your very own autumn leaves—though these ones will probably taste better than the those in your yard!

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