Family Reunion Planner

Family reunion planner

Alright, you’ve somehow found yourself in charge of planning your family reunion, possibly through no fault of your own—pause here to say a big thank you to Aunt Gertrude, for coming up with the idea and pawning it off.

You’ve got the event date, now it’s time to plan your event.

Overwhelmed with what to do first, activities to plan, and how to keep the whole group together in one place without those old family feuds starting up again?  Don’t worry – Tasty Catering is here to help!

We’ve got the low-down on everything from planning your food and entertainment to execution and clean up.

Step #1: Get Your Guest List in Order

It’s time to call up Mom, Grandma, or that cousin of yours who sends out Christmas cards to every single member of your family each year—someone who can give you a complete list of names to contact.  You can use email or snail mail to get the word out about your family gathering. and other great invitation sites offer a variety of free e-cards you can use to e-vite your guests in a more eco-friendly way.  Or, if you’d rather, the same online invitation and card companies offer a variety of printed cards that can be easily addressed and snail mailed to all potential party-goers.

Step #2: Pick Your Venue

There are plenty of places to hold your family reunion depending on what kind of party you’d like to have, and Tasty Catering has seen them all.  Family reunions are designed to mix a wide range of ages, so you’re going to want to choose a location that will keep everyone happy and entertained.


Since it’s summer, an outdoor location may be best, weather permitting.  Outdoor venues will allow your group to comfortably spread out and enjoy a variety of activities such as grilling, backyard baseball, hide-and-seek (for the kids), family group photographs, and more.

Outdoor venues with pavilions provide shelter from the sun or inclement weather, so keep that in mind as you pick your family reunion venue!

If you’re looking for a quieter, more formal reunion, an indoor party venue may work for you as well.  An indoor party facility—such as renting out a room of a restaurant or banquet hall—offers your group the ability to sit down for a fancier dining experience or enjoy a more intimate family reunion.

For examples of great family reunion venues, both indoor and outdoor, check out past Tasty Catering party tips on the Tasty at Home website.

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