Fish Fry Party Ideas

Fish fry party ideas. Image of a decorate fish.

Whether you’re following religious restrictions or just in it for a good meal with good friends, there is nothing quite like the Friday Night Fish Fry. That’s why we put together this guide to hosting the fishiest fish fry in town. No need to hightail it to the nearest golf course clubhouse this week. You can have all the fish you want right from your very own home, and the best part is you control the guest list (as if you needed another reason).

The Best Fish for a Fish Fry
Step one – catch yourself some fish! “Catch” is a relative term in this case. Based on your guest list, literally catching enough fish for everyone may be a difficult task indeed. So, while freshly caught fish is usually the best, no one’s going to tell on you if you make a trip down to the store. Keep in mind that typical fish fries use cod and haddock, and depending on where you’re from, perch, walleye and catfish are also typically tasty when battered and fried.

The Best Fish Fry Batter
Fish fry batter can come in a variety of forms. The best batters include a combination of flour, salt, baking powder, egg, seasonings, water and some other form of liquid base (such as milk, cornstarch, oil or vinegar). You can find a wide variety of delicious fish fry batter recipes all over the internet if you’re interested in experimenting.

Fish Fry Sauces
What kind of fish fry would it be without globs of sauces to go with the fillets? There are two words you must never forget when creating your fish fry menu: tartar sauce. And when it comes to tartar sauce, you can never have enough. However, not everyone likes it on their fish, so it is a good idea to have other ways to soften and jest up the fish. Lemon wedges are a must, as many fish lovers squeeze the juices across the breading, and vinegar and hot sauce are other popular add-ons.

Fish Fry Side Dishes
As delicious as your fish will be, a true fish fry plate isn’t complete without casserole dishes full of fish fry side dishes. It’s best to stick with the basics – cole slaw, macaroni & cheese, French fries and hush puppies – and lots of them.

Whether you’re frying for fishy regions of the country – like a Louisiana fish fry or the typical Wisconsin Friday night fish fry – or you’re interested in emulating the regions’ tastes, a family or neighborhood fish fry is a delicious excuse to get the gang together.

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