Item Swapping Party

Item swapping party how to.

Earth Day is coming up quick, which means this is the perfect time to start setting up an eco-friendly event that will get your family and friends in the sustainability spirit.

With spring on the way (and spring cleaning on everyone’s minds), why not host an Earth Day Swap to help reduce the clutter in your home?

You might even pick up a few things you need!

A Few Helpful Swapping Definitions

You’ve heard “reduce, reuse, recycle” before, and that’s what this Earth Day Swap is all about—making use of goods that are not being used in their current state.  Instead of throwing items into the landfill, letting them sit unused in closets or storage units, or buying new items on top of the ones you’re currently not using, let’s reduce, reuse, recycle and swap them!

Reduce: to get rid of excess items, goods and clutter around the house that are not currently getting used and are simply taking up space

Reuse: to repurpose or use an item again (or multiple times!)

Recycle: to convert waste into reusable material, to return materials to a previous stage in a cyclical process

Swap: to exchange some item, service or good for another item, service or good

How to Host an Earth Day Swap

Invite all of your family and friends—using email, phone or 100% recycled products—to your house to swap out those gently-used goods they no longer use.  Goods could include anything from this list of reusable items:

  • Baby items—clothing, toys, furniture, etc.
  • Children’s toys
  • Clothing
  • Purses, luggage and bags
  • Dishes, cups and cutlery
  • Kitchen appliances and goods
  • Movies, books, CDs and other media
  • Shoes and footwear
  • Furniture, bedding and tablecloths
  • Artwork and other household decorations
  • Outdoor sporting items and goods
  • Anything they would have otherwise sold at a garage sale or donated to a thrift store!

The idea is to have everyone bring over their reusable items and get into the reduce, reuse, recycle mood.  Go around the room and showcase each guest’s gently-used goods, then let everyone swap their goods for things they actually need.  For example, an aunt who no longer needs her kids’ gently-used baby clothes could swap them to a new mother for a set of books she’s always wanted to read.  A cousin who outgrew his bicycle might swap it in for a barely-used luggage set.

The Earth Day Swap Foods

No party should be without a few edible treats!  Offer guests things to nibble on—finger foods are best—as well as drinks.  You can ask guests to bring something to pass as a potluck is usually a bit easier on the host!

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