Midsummer Party

Midsummer party.

Mark your calendars and start the summer party planning, everyone—this year, Midsummer’s Eve falls on June 21st, and Midsummer’s Day lands on June 22nd!

Midsummer celebrates the summer solstice.  That’s the longest day of the year—occurring because of the precise tilt of the earth’s axis toward the sun.

Midsummer celebrations date back to ancient times and are still important in many European cultures that they are the second-most celebrated annual holiday, edged out only by Christmas.  Throw your own Midsummer Party this summer using any or all of these decorating and entertainment ideas!

Midsummer Party Decorations

If you’re thinking about hosting a Midsummer Party this year, you better start thinking of a huge summertime celebration.  Since the holiday celebrates the longest day of the year and, hopefully, nice, warm weather fun, it’s time to go all out with decorations.  Use any or all of these suggestions to make your Midsummer Party the best in town

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Plenty of outdoor picnic tables covered with white tablecloths
  • Vases of summer flowers and scattered brightly colored (oranges, yellows and pinks, if you can find them) flower petals
  • Pastel-colored balloons blown up and hanging from tree branches or in bundles around the party perimeter
  • Chinese paper lanterns (brightly colored) hanging from fishing line that has been crisscrossed above the party space
  • Tables covered in white tablecloths and sprinkled with flower petals full of summer foods; situate them around the celebration space for easy party munching
  • Candles in glass containers interspersed among picnic tables and food tables to increase the ambiance of the event
  • Large rocks arranged in a circle—or a fire pit—in an open celebration space for a Midsummer bonfire
  • Party canopies for optional sun-blocked seating for over-heated Midsummer party guests

Midsummer Entertainment

It wouldn’t be a summer party without some fun and games, and it wouldn’t be a Midsummer Party without these types of entertaining events!  Use some or all of these too keep your guests enjoying the Midsummer spirit.

  • A Maypole—also called a midsommarstång—is a tall pole decorated with flowers and branches from local shrubbery.  There are typically several circular wreaths hanging from the pole as well.
  • Enjoy a Midsummer feast of traditional Scandinavian Midsummer dishes, such as pickled herring.
  • Sing and dance to traditional Swedish music.
  • Enjoy a Midsummer bonfire with live guitar music—have a guitar handy and let any skilled guests play a tune or two!
  • Drink, eat and dance late into the night.

Midsummer Party Foods & Drinks

There are plenty of traditional Midsummer foods that originate in Scandinavian regions.  If you’re looking to celebrate with a little bit of customary summertime cuisine, try any of these Midsummer concoctions:

  • Barbecue featuring grilled meats—Swedish meatballs, salmon, roast beef and prinskorv
  • Traditional cheese pies called “västerbotten”
  • Pickled herring flavored with a variety of different condiments like mustard, garlic, onion, and curry
  • Potato salads, breads and a liquor-infused cheese called “brannvinoist”
  • Boiled new potatoes served with sour cream, chopped chives, dill and halves of hard boiled eggs
  • Nubbe—an herb flavored alcohol; also: beer, aquavit and schnapps
  • Fresh strawberries in a variety of forms—including plain fresh strawberries, strawberries atop ice cream, strawberry cakes, strawberries in champagne and more

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