Murder Mystery Party

Murder Mystery Party

As October begins, Halloween draws closer. Instead of the typical pumpkins, witches and cobwebs party, why not host a murder mystery instead? It’s just as spooky, and ten times the fun! There might even be candy.

Step one: Choose your victim
No, it’s not as morbid as it sounds! There are plenty of stories and scripts from which to choose online, but here are some of the best. The key things to keep in mind while choosing a script are:

  • Who are your guests?
  • What age are they?
  • How many guests are there?

Find a script that fits, and more likely than not easy-to-follow instructions come with it. This one simple step takes all of the hassle out of hosting this party, which means you can enjoy the game along with your guests!

Step two: Costumes are always cool
It’s true—whether you’re five or a hundred and five, seeing your friends and family all dressed up is part of the fun. And this is the month of costumes, too! Here are a few different ideas for awesome murder mystery-themed costumes to get your guests in the mood for fun:

  • A detective costume party, where all the Sherlock Holmes hats make an appearance.
  • An era-themed party, like the roaring twenties, with an appropriate script (there are dozens online!) and fun costumes.
  • No costumes at all! You need your best sweater to solve this crime.

Step three: Sending the invites
You’ll want to let everyone know right away that this isn’t your typical Halloween soirée. For a creative twist, make your invitations look like a murder announcement, or even a wanted poster! It’s a way to set the tone for the evening. After all, you’re there to solve a murder, real or not!

Step four: Decorating the crime scene
Again, most scripts provide help with how you’ll need to set up the party area, so this isn’t too much of an issue. But, you can never decorate enough! One murder mystery-themed way to show everyone just how cool your party is going to be: make a white tape outline of a body on your front porch or in your front hall, wherever it fits.

Step five: You don’t solve crime on an empty stomach
Like any party, the food is just as important as the ambiance! These are a few themed cuisine ideas:

  • If you’ve decided on an era-themed party, keeping the food authentic to that time period is fun and creative.
  • Don’t be afraid to have a sit-down dinner; clues between courses keeps the game going and your guests fed!
  • Crime scene cupcakes: frost cupcakes with white frosting and then dip a straw or spoon in red food coloring or red frosting. Splatter “blood” on your cupcake, and voilá!

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