Pinterest Party

Pinterest party ideas.

If you haven’t heard the word “Pinterest” already, we suggest you add it to your vocabulary and to your daily web-browsing list!

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform for sharing ideas, recipes, DIY crafts, inspirational quotes, funny pictures, art, photography, design and decorating ideas among a plethora of other things.

Pinterest is a website that you must be invited to join.  So, ask your friends and family that have Pinterest accounts to send you an invite!  If you don’t know anybody that is using Pinterest, you can request an invite.  Just know that if you request and invite, it can take a week or two to be accepted to this crafty, clever and inspirational idea generator.

Once you’re accepted you need to have a Facebook profile with which to associate your Pinterest account.  This allows you to follow your Facebook friends that have Pinterest accounts.  You can also share your latest “pins” on Facebook and Twitter!

Once you create your Pinterest account, or if you already have on in place, check out the Tasty Catering Pinterest page!
If you’re really tech savvy, you can download the Pinterest App for your mobile device.

How does Pinterest Work?

We like to think of it as a hybrid of Twitter and Tumblr.  If you are unfamiliar with both of the platforms we just mentioned, here’s a simpler explanation:

Pinterest allows users to share and organize ideas, or “pins.”

Users can create “pin boards” which act as hubs for categorizing ideas.  For example: you could have a “pin board” entitled “Recipe Ideas” where you can “repin” any intriguing recipes you find while searching on Pinterest.

As you are browsing through the Pinterest feed, or looking through your followers “pins,” you can “repin” a certain idea to any of your “pin boards.”

Trust us, it will all make sense once you spend some time perusing Pinterest!

WARNING: Pinterest can be highly addicting. Your brain may explode with great ideas. It’s probably best to share them with your friends.

Thus, we suggest you…

Host a Pinterest Party:

Once you’ve spent some time on Pinterest, you might find yourself overwhelmed with crafty ideas and few opportunities to utilize your new spark of imagination and creativity. So, why not host a Pinterest Party with your fellow Pinterest-loving friends and family?

Have every one of your guests bring a dish discovered on Pinterest. Make sure they print out copies of the recipe so your guests can go home with a collection of great new Pinterest recipes to try. Make sure to assign everyone a type of Pinterest dish, so you don’t wind up with 5 indulgent desserts…actually, maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Remember, Pinterest is full of drink recipes, appetizers and main courses too!

Select a DIY craft that you found on Pinterest, and in-between trips to your Pinterest buffet, have your guests make your chosen craft. This way everyone can take home something new and exciting from your Pinterest Party!

Another idea would be to have a Pinterest grab bag and play a Pinterest version of the Christmas game white elephant! Have each of your guests make and wrap a crafty item they discovered on Pinterest. Assign everyone at your Pinterest party a number. In order, have #1 select a gift from the pile (not knowing who’s gift is who’s). When #2 is up, that person can either steal #1’s gift, in which case #1 would have to go select another gift to unwrap, or #2 could pick another gift from the pile, and so on.

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