Planning A Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower.

So, you’re planning on throwing a baby shower…clueless on where to start with baby shower cakes, decorations, invitations, favors, and all other things baby?  Have no fear; the baby shower brigade is here!  We’ve got a list of everything you’ll need-the entire baby shower essentials-laid out for you so that you can enjoy celebrating whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas:

Before you can successfully plan an adorable baby shower, you have to decide on a shower theme.  Aside from the traditional baby boy and baby girl shower themes, we found a few more unique baby shower themes you may want to check out:

  • Build-a-Baby’s-Library”- This baby shower theme is perfect for those that don’t want or need expensive baby gifts, and would rather accumulate baby books and baby music CD’s for their future children’s enjoyment.  This theme is a great option for a second-time-around baby shower!
  • Nursery Set-Up”- Have your guests help set up the baby’s crib and other nursery room furniture.  For those creative/artsy guests, hand ‘em a paintbrush for added baby room decorations and flair!
  • Tea Party”- Leave out the onezie painting station and opt for a more elegant baby shower, complete with finger sandwiches and a variety of tea served on fine china.

Still searching for a shower theme? Here are more baby shower theme ideas!

Once you’ve selected a theme for your baby shower, you can decide on baby shower invitations, decorations, games, and baby shower cake to accompany your party.

Baby Shower Etiquette:


  • Who should host a baby shower? It’s most common for the mom-to-be’s best friend, aunt, or godmother to throw the shower.  Really, as long as both the soon-to-be-grandmother or mom-to-be don’t mind you taking part in the party planning, you’re good to go.
  • When should a baby shower be thrown? Traditionally, baby showers are thrown 1 or 2 months before the baby is due.
  • Where should a baby shower be hosted? Baby showers are usually held at a house, church/temple, or restaurant.  Other great places to host a baby shower include (but are not limited to): country clubs, forest preserves, away-destinations, or a bar.
  • Who to invite to a baby shower? Make sure to check in with the grandmothers-to-be before you send out the baby shower invitations-you wouldn’t want to forget any important family members or friends.  After you make the baby shower guest list, don’t forget to mention the baby shower theme in the invitations.  Specify if any particular shower games are going to be played, or if guests are supposed to bring a certain type of baby gift.

If you’re lost as to what type of gift to bring to a baby shower, That’s Caring, an eco-friendly, green-gift company, offers great environmentally-friendly gift baskets with gifts for both the baby and mom-to-be!  If you’re looking for a hostess gift, That’s Caring has 60 different environmentally-friendly gift baskets of all price values and gift varieties!

No matter the theme, activities, and gifts, the important thing to remember about baby showers is that you’re celebrating the new life that is about to join the world—which is a true gift and celebration!

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