Splishin’ and Splashin’ Pool Party Games

Pool party games and ideas.

Want to break in the swimming pool to kick off the summer season?  Throw a pool party!

Whether you have a pool in your backyard or vacate to the nearest public swimming pool, it’s always a good idea to have some swimming pool games up your sleeve because, while food can keep people full, there’s always enough room for summer fun and games!

Before we throw some wet ‘n wild pool games your way, it is important to note that games, especially in a swimming pool, during the summer are not just for the kids.

Here are a few of our favorite summer party games for the swimming pool (rated E for everyone able to swim):

1. Up-Ball

While this game is lacking an extreme title, don’t underestimate the level of entertainment that Up-Ball can contribute to your pool party.  It’s all in the name, really– keep a beach ball up in the air.  Count out-loud every time somebody hits the ball.  Try to make it to 100 hits!  The best part about Up-Ball is that the number of players is unlimited!  The more the merrier!

2. Jump or Dive

This is a game for a pool with a diving board, or a deep end that allots for diving off the side off the side of the pool.  Whoever wishes to get wet can line up and one at a time, get a running start off the diving board.  Whoever wishes to watch people get wet can sit on the sidelines and call the shots.  Right before the jumper takes off, at the last second, shout either JUMP or DIVE.  Watch the player scramble to make the necessary adjustments.  This game becomes REALLY entertaining when the jumpers start to anticipate the calls falsely!

For added hilarity: yell JUMP or DIVE just a little too late!

3. Swim-er-gories

This is not a game for the lazy swimmer.  Have all the players line up on one side of the pool.  Elect one person to be the “caller”.  That person gets to pick a category (ie: ice cream flavors).  The group of “swimmers” huddles together to assign each individual a flavor and a group flavor.  The “caller” will shout out flavors and if your flavor is called you must then swim across the pool without being tagged by the “caller” (if the group flavor is called, all members of the group must swim across the pool).  The challenge is that the “caller” has his or her back to the swimmers, so he or she can only use the sense of sound.

Swimmers are encouraged to attempt “faking out” the “caller”.  Each time the “caller” turns around to find nobody swimming across, he or she must move one step further from the line of swimmers.

If none of these swimming pool games get your feet kickin’ check out this site for further ideas: Swimming Pool Games

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