Pumpkin Time!

Pumpkin time.

October is finally here!  It’s a month of leave crunchin’, sweater wearin’ and cider sippin’…and of course…pumpkin carving!

We’ve found some of the best sites to download free and easy pumpkin carving templates, visit pumpkin patches in Illinois, near Chicago and ways to keep the pumpkin lovin’ alive with fun and creative pumpkin ideas and recipes!

Before you can begin your pumpkin carving, you’ve got to pick your pumpkins!  Here’s a link to some of the best pumpkin patches, apple orchards and corn mazes in Illinois!

Pumpkin Pickings Tips:

  • Make sure to examine all sides of the pumpkin before you pick it.  Look for signs of mold, soft spots, scars, bruises or discoloring.  You want your pumpkin to be orange through and through!
  • Stand your pumpkin upright to make sure it sits level so you can put your pumpkin on display!
  • Make sure your pumpkin’s stem stays attached.  Don’t carry your pumpkin by the stem, either.  Hold it from the bottom.
  • Knock on your pumpkin to make sure it’s ripe!  If it sounds hollow, you’ve got yourself a healthy punkin’!
  • If you plan on carving your pumpkin, try to have a carving design in mind before you pick your pumpkin.  This way you can find a shape and size that suits your specific pumpkin design.

Pumpkin Carving Patterns:

Pumpkin Use Ideas:

Sure, they’re fun to look at, but they’re even better to eat!  You can learn how to use the insides of a whole pie pumpkin in delicious and easy pumpkin recipes, or you can always just buy canned pumpkin!

Don’t forget the pumpkin seeds too!  Roasted pumpkin seeds make for an excellent autumn snack!  Here’s a great roasted pumpkin seed recipe!

Or, you can save your pumpkin seeds and plant them in the springtime so you can grow your very own festive orange jack-O-lantern for next October!

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