Super Bowl Party Celebrations Tips and Ideas

Superbowl party ideas

January 14, 1967: the birth of the Super Bowl. It was on this day that people all across America first learned the beauty and grace and all that accompanies the Super Bowl Party.

For the past 44 years, people across the country have worked to perfect the very art of celebrating professional football’s biggest day of the year.

It continues to be the one day of the year that wives will join their husbands and park themselves in front of big screens nationwide, sport their team’s colors and eat more appetizers and finger foods than even the most dedicated Super-Bowlers thought possible. But the ticket to a victory on Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t lie on the field; it lies in the living room and on the kitchen table.

Super Bowl Food

When it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, there can never be enough food. A few bags of chips and some queso dip just don’t cut it like they used to. That might have been acceptable back when those Roman numerals were still somewhat easy to read, but we’re on XLV now, and no one knows what that means… except that the food is expected to be as elaborate as whoever decided to use Roman numerals for football in the first place. Oh, and it’s expected to last the full four quarters plus the seven hundred commercial breaks, not to put the pressure on or anything.

This may sound difficult, but don’t fret. There are a few crucial, yet simple tips that can easily remedy this quandary.

Super Bowl Tips and Ideas

Create a guest list. How many people are you expecting? Whatever the number is, add at least a handful or two. Super Bowl parties are typically informal, which means guests are likely to bring friends. An occasion like the Super Bowl usually means people come ready to eat and drink. Be prepared. Guests will probably eat between eight and ten pieces each, so have at least that many. Have enough variety of appetizers so that people won’t be upset when their favorite snack runs out, and plan on keeping a few “just in case” boxes of bagel bites and mozzarella sticks in the freezer, after all, every party has “that guy” that hovers over the food table for three-fourths of the night. In fact, Super Bowl parties in the past have been known to attract more that one of those guys…

Offer multiple appetizers, and offer them on multiple tables throughout the house. Most of the action will be around the TV, so make sure you provide a few things to nibble on the coffee table in the living room. The bulk of the appetizers should go on the kitchen table, however. The hot hors d’oeuvres and snacks that will need refilling should be on the kitchen table as well. Warning: do not attempt to refill snacks on the living room table in front of the TV while the game is going on. You will regret this move, indefinitely.

Have two places to get beverages. It is ok to use the garage for this one. Beer and soft drinks can be kept in the fridge or in coolers out there. Provide the liquor and garnishes at another location. Use the bar if you have one, otherwise transform a portion of your countertop into a make-shift bar. Much like the appetizer tables, utilizing two different locations for drinks will only make the process easier for all those hungry and thirsty football fans. And since they’re racing to refill their drinks between downs, it’s best not to get in their way.

Minimize the cleanup. Make sure you put out napkins and plates on all tables. Coasters, garbage cans and recycling bins should be visible at all times, unless you want to spend the next three weeks scrubbing the rings off your brand new coffee table and finding surprise Super Bowl leftovers in between the couch cushions and underneath the refrigerator.

The Most Important Super Bowl Tip

This is probably the most important of all Super Bowl tips. This glorious day of celebration comes but once a year, so savor it. The next five hours will be nothing but cheering, screaming, commercial-watching fans, wagering on everything from who will win the game to who will win the coin toss. How could you not enjoy that!

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