Toga, Toga, Toga!

Toga party ideas.

Beware the Ides of March! Actually, this year, the only thing you’ll need to beware is how to properly secure your costume for this month’s party theme: A Toga Party!

But before diving in head first (or wreath crown first, as the Romans did), consider some history behind the party. Togas in the ancient Roman times weren’t made of bed sheets and safety pins like they are today. They weren’t most commonly seen at college campuses and frat houses either. Togas were made of wool and typically draped around a tunic. Men traditionally wore togas and women stolas. And if you weren’t a Roman, you could forget about wearing either because only Romans were allowed this particular fashion privilege.

Now, to make your toga, you only need a few very simple items. One, a big piece of cloth. In case of emergency, a bed sheet will do just fine. And two, a handful of safety pins. Try visiting here for a complete picture diagram of how to securely fascine your toga. For additional touches to your own costume, guys consider the laurel wreath. It was the horseshoe-shaped crown that most people associate with Julius Caesar. Girls, think jewelry. The more gold you have, the better. Trythis site for jewelry suggestions. Both sexes should pair their togas with strappy, gladiator-type sandals.

Once you’ve got a handle on your toga making skills, then it’s time to round up the troops. Toga parties, thanks largely to Animal House, have the frat house stigma attached to them. No need to sway people’s minds, but instead embrace the college atmosphere. Invite a ton of friends; tell them to invite their friends and even their friends’ friends.

With that being said, the food, drink and entertainment should mimic college, too. The food is easy, very light snacks (like potato chips and dip) are really all that’s required of you as the host. The drinks might possibly be even easier. What do you think of when you think college party? Exactly. Kegs, kegs and more kegs. Based on the number of guests you anticipate, you can judge how many kegs you’ll need. Just remember that you’ll need to keep the keg on ice, so have the same amount of ice filled garbage cans as you do kegs. The entertainment? Just as easy as the previous two. All you need is a little music and the rest will take care of itself.

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