When the Sun Goes Down

Sun goes down.

Let there be lights!

It seems that everywhere you look this time of year you get an eye full of festive holiday decorations on display. From that one really special house on the block to entire neighborhoods aglow, it’s not hard to find bright lights to really get you in the holiday mood.

If you’re looking for a family tradition for the holidays, consider holiday decoration hunting.

The first few years, all it takes is a car, some gas and a little imagination. Most people know their neighborhoods pretty well, so if you already know the holiday decoration hot spots, give them a visit. But don’t be afraid to venture out into other neighborhoods. You might find a light show unlike any other. Plus, once you find that great place together, visiting it every year could very well become a family tradition.

Caroling is one of the oldest holiday traditions in the book.

The beauty of caroling is that you can do it just about anywhere.

So, combine Christmas songs with Christmas decorations, and you get a caroling walking tour of lights! Pick your caroling spot based on what neighborhoods have the best, craziest, most outrageous and beautiful decorations. The residents get to hear you sing, and you get to look at their lights.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

For those who are really looking for the big dogs when it comes to holiday decorations, well then you’ll need to make a trip to a city center. Most city halls and downtown areas boast the absolute best Christmas decorations.

If you’re not near a city center, then never fear. There are plenty of other spectacular places to check out. For example, most zoos, aquariums, museums and parks have decorations galore. Don’t believe us? Check out these major light displays.

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